Due to COVID-19, the May 6, 2020 Annual Meeting in Garden City has been cancelled. Looking forward to the 2021 meeting being twice as great! - Tom Willis


Conestoga manages the marketing, sales, delivery and billing of co-products produced at our plants. These co-products include WDG, DDG, CCDS, and Corn Oil.

We strive to produce quality, consistent co-products that can be utilized with a great deal of confidence by our cattle feeding partners. More than a by-product, our distiller’s grains are considered a valuable feed ingredient! We price our products based on a dry matter of 35% and a crude fat content of 9.5% and stand behind these levels, adjusting the price when we are unable to reach these targets.

Be informed of weather and plant-related delays / closures and occasional notes with general information.

Getting Started

Please feel free to contact Josh or Jason at 620-626-2040 for distillers availability questions. Click the below link to access credit applications.

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