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CO/NE/WY Elevator Grain Bids

GL_GR111    *Next Release Date*
Greeley, CO Fri Feb 14, 2020 USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

CO/NE/WY Elevator Afternoon Grain Bids

*Next Release Date will be Tue Feb 18, 2020*

Cash grain bids to farmers delivered to country elevators for
Corn, Wheat and Soybeans per bushel; and Sorghum, Millet, and
Sunflowers per cwt. as of 3:30 p.m. Feb 14, 2020.

US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat Ordinary Protein: mostly steady.

Northcentral Colorado range 4.34-4.41
Greeley 4.34
Bennett/Roggen/Byers 4.41

Northeast Colorado range 4.00-4.11
Julesburg/Paoli/Peetz 4.01-4.11
Yuma/Wray/Brush/Akron/Otis/Anton 4.00-4.06

Eastcentral Colorado range 4.06-4.36
Cheyenne Wells 4.36
Flagler/Bethune/Stratton 4.06-4.10

Southeast Colorado range 3.96-4.26

Southwest NE and Southeast WY range 4.01-4.16
Venango/Chappell/Big Springs/Brule 4.01-4.16
Kimball/Pine Bluffs/Sidney/Brownson/Potter 4.01-4.14

US 2 Yellow Corn: mostly 2 lower.

Northcentral Colorado range 4.07-4.10
Greeley/Eaton 4.07
Roggen/Byers 4.08-4.10

Northeast Colorado range 3.48-3.73
Julesburg/Paoli/Peetz 3.53-3.73
Yuma/Wray/Brush/Otis/Anton 3.48-3.68

Eastcentral Colorado range 3.43-3.68
Cheyenne Wells 3.68
Flagler/Bethune/Stratton 3.43-3.48

Southeast Colorado range 3.48-3.83

Southwest NE and Southeast WY range 3.52-3.59
Venango/Chappell/Big Springs/Brule/ 3.52-3.59
Kimball/Pine Bluffs/Sidney/Potter 3.56-3.59

US 2 Yellow Sorghum: 3 to 4 lower.

Southeast Colorado range 5.32-5.86

US 1 Yellow Soybeans: 2 to 3 lower.

Southwest Nebraska range 7.68-7.94
Venango/Chappell/Big Springs/Sidney/Potter

White Millet

Colorado/SW NE/SE WY range 11.00-12.75
mostly 11.00

Colorado/SW NE/SE WY range 18.50

Source: USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
Tammy Judson, Market News Reporting Assistant (970)353-9750
24 Hour Market Report (970)353-8031

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