Due to COVID-19, the May 6, 2020 Annual Meeting in Garden City has been cancelled. Looking forward to the 2021 meeting being twice as great! - Tom Willis


With a fleet of just over 40 trucks, Prairie Ag Commodities is a full service freight logistics company that can meet a variety of your transportation needs. We oversee the delivery of co-products from the three ethanol plant’s in which Conestoga owns. Working closely with Distiller’s Marketing, our primary focus is getting WDG, DDG and Corn Oil hauled to local area feedlots in a safe and timely manner. We are uniquely positioned within the market and have the ability to execute unusual freight moves more efficiently than our competition. Highlights:

  • On board GPS system
  • Image capturing/instant verification of tickets
  • Real time ticket capturing for next day invoicing
  • ELD capability for hours of service
  • Average 150 loads/day hauled
  • Equipment-Wilson Belt and Mac End Dumps
  • 24/7 dispatch

Any questions or inquiries? Feel free to contact the following:

Tonja Hopewell: tonja.hopewell@conestogaenergy.com  //  620-655-7144 (mobile)

Gabby Flores: gabby.flores@conestogaenergy.com  //  620-655-2465 (mobile)

Corey Collins: corey.collins@conestogaenergy.com  //  620-640-8728 (mobile)


DRIVERS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR ARKALON ETHANOL:  Please contact Tonja Hopewell for more details

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