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2018 Farm Sector Income Forecast, November

Net farm income is forecast to decrease $9.1 billion from 2017 to 2018.

U.S. Beef Gains New Market Access in Morocco

Beef will be imported under the terms of the U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement.

Ag Barometer Declines Slightly in November

The November reading was 134, down from 136 a month earlier.

Corn and Soybean Acreage Prospects for 2019

As harvest wraps up, considerable speculation will occur over the next few months about the acreage decisions farmers will make in 2019.

Tariff Disruptions Persist While Trade Talks With China Seem Uncertain

Recent news items continue to discuss the impacts of trade tariffs on agricultural commodities, including soybeans, dairy products, and pork.

Kansas Corn Praises President Trump's Year-Round E15 Announcement

Breaking Down Winter Supplement Options

Each fall, winter cow feeding and supplementation questions roll in.

President Trump Opens Door to Increased Ethanol Use

Trump is ordering the EPA to take steps to enable the year-round sale of gasoline containing as much as 15 percent ethanol.

Storage Mold: Precautions to Avoid Grain Spoilage During Storage

Growers need to be aware of storage mold which can spoil the grain during storage.

The Challenge of Managing Human Resources

Having the right team is critical to the success of the cattle operation.

Grain Storage: Climate Inside The Bin

This year, the record high production and low grain commodity prices may encourage row crop producers to store the grain and wait for a better market.

Rising Interest Rates Will Test the Strength of Crop Land Values

Interest rates have moved upward steadily since the summer of 2016, while net farm incomes have declined.

Cows as Combines

Fall aftermath grazing helps cows increase their conditioning and be better prepared for winter and next year’s calving and breeding.

Soybeans May Be Viable Cattle Feed Option

Soybeans can be used as a protein supplement for beef cattle, as long as the beans are a small part of the cattle’s diet.

Antibiotic Stewardship: Product Handling

Rob Eirich, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator and Director of Beef Quality Assurance, shared his tips and recommendations for implementing good stewardship while handling animal health products, such as antibiotics and vaccines.

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