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Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money

Efficient beef production starts when the bull mates with a cow and biological efficiency mates with economic efficiency.

Silking is a Great Time for Tissue Testing

Tissue sampling is a good tool for monitoring plant health during the growing season.

Cow-calf Enterprise Expenses Are Up

Good business practices, an understanding of herd data and marketing skills are the cornerstones of a cow-calf operation.

Cover Crop Options for Hail Damaged Fields

One way to make good use of weather-damaged fields is to grow cover crops for supplemental forages and soil health.

Foliar Fungicide Use in Corn

Foliar diseases, especially Gray Leaf Spot, are beginning to show up in some corn fields.

Wet Conditions Providing New Challenges to Cattle Producers

Recent rains and flooding have cattle producers dealing with flooded pastures.

Implications of USDA Reports for Corn and Soybeans

On June 29, the USDA released the Acreage and Grain Stocks reports.

Farm Bill Passes Senate Ag Committee

A Senate panel approved a modest, bipartisan rewrite of federal farm and nutrition programs.

Soybeans Under Pressure

The potential size of the soybean crop and trade uncertainty continue to be the main forces behind soybean price weakness.

Historic Fertilizer, Seed, and Chemical Costs with 2019 Projections

Fertilizer, seed, and chemical costs represent a sizable portion of the total costs of producing corn.

Long-term Study Shows Crop Rotation Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Many farmers grow corn and soybean in rotation to avoid the continuous corn yield penalty, but now there’s another reason to rotate.

President Trump Rejects Changes to Renewable Fuel Standard

Trump’s decision not to sign off on the changes had biofuels producers and their Capitol Hill allies breathing a sigh of relief.

Is Corn Setting Up for a Rally?

When combined with a robust consumption scenario for the remainder of the year, the possibility of significantly lower corn production in 2018 creates a bullish outlook for corn prices.

Understanding Initial, Delayed and Prevented Planting Decisions

Ag Decision Maker article discusses protection options from cool, wet spring.

Prospects for Timely Planting of the 2018 Corn Crop

The purpose of this article is to assess each of these factors and project the timeliness of planting the 2018 U.S. corn crop.

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