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Storage Mold: Precautions to Avoid Grain Spoilage During Storage

Growers need to be aware of storage mold which can spoil the grain during storage.

The Challenge of Managing Human Resources

Having the right team is critical to the success of the cattle operation.

Grain Storage: Climate Inside The Bin

This year, the record high production and low grain commodity prices may encourage row crop producers to store the grain and wait for a better market.

Rising Interest Rates Will Test the Strength of Crop Land Values

Interest rates have moved upward steadily since the summer of 2016, while net farm incomes have declined.

Cows as Combines

Fall aftermath grazing helps cows increase their conditioning and be better prepared for winter and next year’s calving and breeding.

Soybeans May Be Viable Cattle Feed Option

Soybeans can be used as a protein supplement for beef cattle, as long as the beans are a small part of the cattle’s diet.

Antibiotic Stewardship: Product Handling

Rob Eirich, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator and Director of Beef Quality Assurance, shared his tips and recommendations for implementing good stewardship while handling animal health products, such as antibiotics and vaccines.

Face Flies Impacting Pastured Cattle

Pinkeye cases have been relatively high this year due to increased flies.

How to Prevent Stored Grain Pests

There are many preventative measures that can be taken that greatly reduce the risk of stored grain insect issues.

European Drought Impacting Production and Creating Potential Opportunities for U.S. Farmers

The severe weather in Europe has coincided with adverse growing conditions in other major grain producing zones raising the risk that supplies in exporting countries will be eroded to their smallest in years.

Farmers Await Details on USDA Trade Assistance

U.S. farmers are anxious for details on the trade assistance package.

Cover Crops to Plant This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about building the soil and replenishing soil nutrients for the next growing season.

Wheat Genome Sequence Will Bring Stronger Wheat Varieties to Farmers

Kansas State University scientists published a detailed description of the complete genome of bread wheat, the world’s most widely-cultivated crop.

Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money

Efficient beef production starts when the bull mates with a cow and biological efficiency mates with economic efficiency.

Silking is a Great Time for Tissue Testing

Tissue sampling is a good tool for monitoring plant health during the growing season.

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