Victory Renewables

The acquisition of VicNRG LLC is consistent and complimentary to Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC’s mission is to be a leader in the marketing and production of low-carbon renewable energy. Under the banner of Victory Renewables, the company seeks to build on the success of its predecessor, VicNRG LLC. Victory Renewables is a leading marketing, distribution and terminal operating company focused on biodiesel┬ámarkets. The company leverages a diverse asset footprint thorough market knowledge, and superior logistics capabilities to provide downstream customers with valuable product offerings. In turn, our customers capture blend margins directly contributing to increased profits. Victory Renewables maintains a consistent customer focus and a commitment to providing value added solutions.

Core Capabilities include in-depth knowledge of the domestic biodiesel market, including supply, demand, market participant biases and location-specific considerations. Victory Renewables leverages a diverse asset portfolio with extensive intermodal logistics experience. In doing so, we have become a market leader in providing superior service to a growing customer base.

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