Due to COVID-19, the May 6, 2020 Annual Meeting in Garden City has been cancelled. Looking forward to the 2021 meeting being twice as great! - Tom Willis

Victory Renewables

Victory Renewables is a growth-oriented company focused on commodity merchandising, distribution and terminal operation. The company leverages a diverse asset footprint, thorough market knowledge and superior logistics capabilities to drive value for our customers in physical commodity and regulatory credit markets.

Our experience with intermodal logistics, dynamic supply chain modeling and risk management are core competencies foundational to our commitment to provide long-term value-added solutions for our customers.

Core Competencies

Within physical commodity markets, Victory Renewables has built and maintained a reputation for delivering high-quality products in a timely fashion. As an active participant in global markets, our team is able to identify opportunities and strategies to deliver numerous products to our customer base.  We continue to build on our expertise in midstream renewable and petroleum fuel markets across the continental United States as we expand our focus.

Victory Renewables is a leader in regulatory credit markets. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of developing global markets to value and regulate carbon emissions. Our expertise in regulations and market structures for credit markets includes, but is not limited to, Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) associated with the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard and credits associated with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). By adhering to thorough risk management principals and understanding market participant objectives, we are well-positioned to add value for customers focused on covering compliance obligations or monetizing credits obtained from carbon offset activities.

We look forward to connecting with new customers and finding opportunities to build long-term partnerships that drive sustainable value.

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