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Conestoga Energy Partners is one of the leading producers and marketers of low-carbon renewable fuels in Kansas. We manage and operate three ethanol production facilities located in Kansas and Texas, with a combined production capacity of over 200 million gallons per year.

The plants are located in close proximity to our customers, which gives us the ability to produce and sell Wet Distillers Grain (WDG) and avoid the expensive drying process. Each plant therefore consumes less natural gas than the industry standard. Our transportion costs are also lower than for plants located in the Midwest. As a result, Conestoga Energy’s carbon footprint is among the lowest in the ethanol industry.


Ethanol is a rapidly-booming industry, and its success continues to counter misinformation. Here are the top myths about ethanol, and the facts to set them straight:

Distiller’s Grain

Conestoga Complete oversees all aspects of the marketing, sales, delivery and billing of the 1.3 million tons of Wet Distiller’s grains (WDG) produced at these facilities. All WDG grains are delivered by Conestoga Logistics on end-dump or live bottom trailers.

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Conestoga Logistics

Conestoga Logistics’s mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations while providing remarkable customer service on each and every load. Founded in June 2012, Conestoga Logistics’ intent is to provide the best transportation services to each of our customers.

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