Due to COVID-19, the May 6, 2020 Annual Meeting in Garden City has been cancelled. Looking forward to the 2021 meeting being twice as great! - Tom Willis

Looking to the future with renewable energy.

The story of Conestoga Energy isn’t just about ethanol. It’s about making the most of our resources through the production of low-carbon renewable energy.


Bonanza Bioenergy, LLC begins operation in Garden City, Kansas. The ethanol plant has a production capability of 55 million gallons per year.

Arkalon Ethanol, LLC begins operation in Liberal, Kansas. The ethanol plant has a production capability of 110 million gallons per year.


Conestoga Energy takes over management of Diamond Ethanol in Levelland, Texas. The ethanol plant has a production capacity of 40 million gallons per year.


Bonanza Bioenergy begins using Syngenta Enogen® corn, the first grain bioengineered specifically for the ethanol industry.


Arkalon Ethanol and Bonanza Bioenergy plants merge.

Bonanza Bioenergy begins corn oil extraction.


Conestoga Energy acquires VicNRG, LLC (Victory Renewables), a leading marketing, distribution and terminal operating company for biodiesel—enabling Conestoga and Victory Renewables to better serve the needs of our customers in the energy and agriculture sectors.

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