Conestoga High-Quality Alcohol

Superior Solutions for Essential Ingredients

Conestoga was founded to focus on the development of sustainable products & practices, the implementation of low-carbon solutions, and the production of eco-friendly high-quality ingredients. We simplify sustainable sourcing as a trusted producer of USP, FCC and FDA grade ingredients for a variety of applications, including industrial, health and pharmaceutical.

Our high-quality alcohol represents that mission in action.


Conestoga is proud to produce Grain Neutral Spirit specification that exceeds USP requirements.

Our alcohol production capabilities span applications beyond fuel, including building cleaners, solvents, sanitizers, sterilizers, cosmetics, mouthwashes, and pharmaceuticals. Our customers deserve a trusted partner who can customize to their use specifications and deliver 24/7 from our production facilities.


Our passion for excellence drives our standards for the highest quality. In a market flooded following the relaxation of regulations to combat COVID-19, we invested in top technology for manufacturing high-quality alcohol without compromising on purity or safety.

At Conestoga, we don’t compromise on value or values so that you don’t have to either.


Like all Conestoga products, our high-quality alcohol is sustainably produced to make the ethical choice an easy choice.

We work with farmers who produce corn using sustainable practices, and we operate low emission production plants. While producing alcohol, we also perform carbon sequestration and capture CO2 during fermentation for EOR sequestration.

We view the ethical, renewable production of high-quality alcohol as part of a larger social contract. By investing in innovative solutions, Conestoga strives to make the sustainable choice the smart investment for our customers and community.

We’re Forging the Future of Sustainability

Investing in change begins with a conversation.