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Conestoga helps organizations invest in the future through the development and implementation of innovative sustainable energy solutions.

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Creating Sustainable Partnerships

Conestoga and its subsidiaries are working to make sustainability both simple and profitable for customers and investors alike. With a rich history in renewable energy, with particular expertise in developing low-carbon solutions, we’re taking a forward-thinking approach to sustainable energy.

Every action Conestoga takes is designed to be productive for the companies who trust us and for the population as a whole. By making sustainability a smart investment for corporations, we’re helping to ensure a better future for all.

Our diverse portfolio of companies represents our multi-faceted approach to sustainable energy. 

Conestoga Renewable Alcohol

Conestoga began primarily focused on low carbon ethanol production, through the Bonanza Bioenergy and Arkalon Ethanol plants. Altogether, Conestoga plants have a production capability of over 200 million gallons per year.

But, we aren’t just about ethanol. We’re about making the most of our resources through the production of low-carbon renewable energy.

Our renewable alcohol division produces ingredients for cleaning, sanitization products, and handles CO₂ sequestration. With an eye to the future, Conestoga Renewable Alcohol will expand its offerings of low carbon products to meet the growing needs of the sustainable energy market.

Midstream & Trading

Victory Renewables is a growth oriented company leveraging a diverse asset footprint, thorough market knowledge, and superior logistics capabilities to drive value for our customers in physical commodity and regulatory credit markets.

Victory Renewables focuses on excellence in risk management, merchandising, aggregation, storage, and distribution in numerous markets. Our market expertise includes liquid fuels (alcohol, petroleum, renewable, and blends), regulatory/emission credits, and sustainable low carbon feedstocks.

Sustainable Feed Products

Conestoga’s sustainable feed product line is used by farmers across the country and beyond.

Engineered from 100% distillers grain to maximize nutrition, they provide a sustainable alternative to traditional feed.

In addition to the production of cattle and deer feed, Conestoga Sustainable Feed also provides comprehensive production marketing services.

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